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The 100 Peaks Challenge is a genuine attempt at something quite epic, almost extreme in its ambition. It encompasses three disciplines that are demanding enough on their own, but are then thrown together in an extreme triathlon. This, with the logistics of attempting to summit 100 peaks in 4 countries in 25 days, means it's a first. It's quite possibly the most demanding endurance Challenge ever staged in the UK. By being part of this Challenge you have the opportunity of being involved in creating something truly inspirational.

The reality of attempting a Challenge such as this means sponsorship is required to make it possible. Therefore if you wish to invest in a Challenge first and help drive this project on to the success that it promises to be, we want to hear from you.


To support The 100 Peaks Challenge or for further sponsorship information please email
barry.jones -[at]- 100peaks.co.uk or contact:

Barry Jones.

+44 (0)7747 097582.

You can download our Pitch Document HERE and our Sponsorship Pack HERE, the Sponsorship Matrix InfoGraphic can be viewed below.