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We understand that taking part in the Challenge won't be for everyone, however if the Challenge interests you and you believe you have particulars skills to aid the Challenge and help make it a success, we'd love to hear from you. There are a large number of tasks to fulfil both in the build up to the Challenge in delivering a successful Challenge Project and on the ground when the Challenge proper gets underway.

We will never turn good help away, this Challenge can only be successful if we have a fantastic Support Team behind us.

To volunteer for The 100 Peaks Challenge or for further information please email
barry.jones -[at]- 100peaks.co.uk or contact:

Barry Jones.

+44 (0)7747 097582

In addition to Volunteering we are also looking to recruit a Finance Officer and a Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer, if either of those positions interest you and you have the applicable skills, time and desire to be involved, please send your CV in the first instance to the Project Manager Barry Jones, email and contact number as above.